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Version Update!

Post by Heep » Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:54 am

The Version Update was COMPLETED!

This will require you to update to the newest version: 30180604_0.

If you need help, view the guide here.

Patch notes:

Voidwalker NMs
  • We are proud to introduce Voidwalker NMs to our Abyssea zones (Voidwalkers outside of Abyssea coming in the future). These NMs work just like they do in retail. See a Cruor Prospector to obtain your Clear Demilune Abyssite and hunt those suckers down!
    See retail wiki for details: ... rs/Abyssea
    Be sure to check the HomepointXI DB Tools for custom info!

Job Changes
  • White Mage
    • Implemented Divine Benison
    • Added Shield Def. Bonus
    • Fixed message for Devotion

  • Weaponskill Quests have been implemented. Previously these weaponskills were unlocked automatically, but completion of the corresponding quest is now required.
    • Examples: Asuran Fists, Evisceration, Retribution
  • Weaponskill fTP values have been updated to current retail (Seeker’s of Adoulin changes).
  • Quick Magic (Occasionally quickens spellcasting) has been implemented. Atma of the Apocalypse has a decent use now.

  • Added previously missing spells to some Voidwatch mobs (e.g. Blizzaja)
  • All Abyssea armor set bonuses should now function correctly
  • Shikigami Weapon is now retail accurate! Enjoy hunting that jerk, Summoners!
  • Blackwater Pugils were incorrectly listed as a source for certain spell scrolls and corsair dice. These items have been removed and added to other mobs. These changes will be reflected in the HomepointXI DB Tools.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Gnole stance switching. This should make it easier/possible for Blue mages to learn specific spells.
  • Fixed Myrmecoleon not appearing when being aggroed. He doesn’t quite function like retail but he will bite your ankles if you walk too close.
  • Fixed Eagle Eye Shot doing 0 damage when nothing was equipped in the main hand (this also affected Ranged Weaponskills)
  • Added skillchain properties to Seedspray
  • Achuka now animates and performs TP moves correctly
  • Slugs now use Corrosive Ooze
  • Muq Shabeel now spawns correctly
  • Tons of other fixes that were submitted directly to DSP. Feel free to browse their commit log.

Special Thanks
Shoutout to Zynjec for helping Autkast hunt down retail info to get Voidwalkers working and fixing Shikigami Weapon. What a good bot!

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