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Post by Heep » Thu May 10, 2018 5:27 pm

Server Maintenance has been COMPLETED!

If you're not on the April version (30180329_1) then you will be required to update!

Guide on how to update is found here:http://wiki.homepointxi.com/How_To:_Upd ... our_Client

Patch Notes:

Job Changes

  • Passive Traits acquired from merits should no long appear in your Traits menu if you have not merited them. Please ticket any you come across.

  • Group 2 Merits have been added
  • Feint
  • -- More merits decrease cooldown
  • -- In game tooltip is INCORRECT regarding adding TH!
  • Aura Steal
  • Assassin’s Charge
  • Ambush
  • Despoil has been added
  • Updated/Fixed many passive traits for 99 content
  • Added Crit. Atk. Bonus
  • Added Gilfinder (not affected by gear mods yet)

Black Mage
  • Updated/Fixed many passive traits for 99 content
  • Added Elemental Celerity
  • Added Occult Acumen

Red Mage
  • Updated/Fixed many passive traits for 99 content
  • Added Shield Mastery

  • Updated/Fixed many passive traits for 99 content
  • Added Smite
  • Added Tactical Guard

  • Updated/Fixed many passive traits for 99 content
  • Added Fencer
  • Added Shield Def. Bonus

Dark Knight
  • Updated/Fixed many passive traits for 99 content
  • Added. Crit Atk. Bonus
  • Added Smite
  • Added Occult Acumen
  • Fixed Desperate Blows
  • Added Stalwart Soul
  • Added Muted Soul
  • Last Resort gear mods have been updated/fixed

White Mage
  • Afflatus Solace/Misery can only be used with WHM as main job

  • Fixed Eagle Eye Shot message

Blue Mage
  • Fixed Feather Tickle showing incorrect ability message


Hattori Kyahan/+1
  • Correctly adds an extra shadow to Utsusemi spells

Fixed Aetosaur Ledelsens/+1 showing up in Legs category on the Auction House

Fixed Arasy Gun/+1 unequipping when equipping bullets

Mobs and Zones

Aydeewa Subterrane
  • Pandemonium Warden has been re-enabled! Good luck!

  • New atma commands to store up to 3 atma sets
  • !atma1 save/restore
  • !atma2 save/restore
  • !atma3 save/restore
  • Note: Your old atma saves were automatically tied to the !atma1 command
  • Atma Infusionist - Infuse Atma menu now properly displays what atma you have obtained for infusing. No more scrolling through EVERY atma!

  • Voidstones can now be acquired retroactively. If you miss a day and it’s been 40 hours since you last received a voidstone, you will receive 2 voidstones when interacting with a Voidwatch Officer NPC

  • Spawning fixed

Some NMs have had their drop tables adjusted. Consult the Item Tool.
  • Fully upgraded REM weapons were not receiving aftermath effects. This has been fixed.

General DSP
  • A lot of bug fixes and adjustments
  • Updated to April 2018 Retail release

Special Thanks
  • Devolnu-Ace for hosting the server

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