Maintenance 12/5/18

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Maintenance 12/5/18

Post by Immortality » Tue Dec 04, 2018 12:15 pm

Maintenance is: COMPLETE!!

Scheduled start time is 12/5/2018 1800 EST
Scheduled start time is 12/5/2018 1930 EST

Once maintenance starts, be sure to update your clients to the latest retail update. Version:30181103_0

You will no longer be able to connect to the server if your are BEHIND the server version.
If you need help, view the guide here.

Patch Notes

Battle Content
  • Enfeebling Potency Fixed
    • The math to calculate enfeebling potency was incredibly incorrect and causing abnormally high amounts of potency
  • Mob combat skill adjustments
    • Some mobs had combat skill as H2H and allowed them to swing twice per attack round
  • Maat fights and AI has been reworked
  • Aftermath rewritten to be more robust and handle some edge cases
    • e.g. SAM can equip 2 relics or both a relic and a mythic and gain access to both weapon skills. This would cause some logic collision between the aftermath effects if both weapon skills were used.
  • ToAU Mission Black Coffin has been re-enabled
  • Promyvions have been rewritten and should reliably spawn portals randomly
    • Stray AI logic has also been tuned
  • Fixed a bug wherein a Summoner’s Avatar could use an AoE ability on unclaimed mobs and crash the server
    • Mostly happened with Tonberries and calculating new Tonberry hate
  • Corrected Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk’s level
  • Began grouping NM drops in Abyssea
    • Completed Zones
      • Abyssea - La Theine
      • Abyssea - Konschtat
    • Most NMs have a chance to drop 1 to 2 crafting mats along with their listed drops. Crafting mats that can drop are zone specific (see retail wiki for hints)
  • Aoidos' Cothurnes +1
    • AF3 Upgrade Moogle awarded the incorrect item
  • Emet Harness +1
    • Fixed incorrect damage taken mod
  • Death Penalty
    • Fixed Quick Draw Damage Percent mods
    • Added missing mods
  • Percolater (PUP attachment)
    • Had incorrect element cost
  • Added Water Ore to Water Elementals in Sky
  • Gorney +1 set
    • Had lower mods than listed in item description
  • Shneddick +1 set
    • Had lower mods than listed in item description
  • Weatherspoon +1 set
    • Had lower mods than listed in item description
  • Suleen in Sealions Den will now accept all 8 crafting torques and give a custom super crafting torque in exchange.
  • Added Tefnut wand back to retail drop location.

  • Fixed various NPC Text IDs that broke after last ID shift
  • Jeuno conquest guards should sell items again. They are no longer racist.
  • Fixed a bug wherein Costumes on other players would only appear while they were moving and Costume on self would only appear after the next character update packet
    • <3 Zynjec

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