Maintenance 1/8/19

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Maintenance 1/8/19

Post by Immortality » Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:32 pm

Maintenance is: Complete!!

Scheduled start time is 1/8/2019 2200 EST
Scheduled start time is 1/8/2019 2330 EST

Once maintenance starts, be sure to update your clients to the latest retail update. Version:30181205_0

You will no longer be able to connect to the server if your are BEHIND the server version.
If you need help, view the guide here.

Patch Notes

Battle Content

  • Added Abyssea Cruor sets to the AF3 Shop Moogle.
    • You will need to be 75+ to purchase these from the moogle.
  • Added drops back to retail drop location.
    • Paguroidea Ring
    • Mollusca Mantle
    • Sheltered Ring
    • Praeco Beret
Empy weapon skill unlocks
Mangian Mog A.J. in Ru'Lude Gardens will now unlock weaponskills from Empyrian weapons for use on any weapon.
  • Trade any 119-2 Empyrian weapon to unlock the weaponskill for use without the weapon.
  • Home Point Warps have been added to Uleguerand Range.

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