New Server Host / New Server Hardware

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New Server Host / New Server Hardware

Post by atom0s » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:36 am

Hello everyone,

One of the main things that we performed last night during the maintenance was that we moved the server from Devolnu's hardware to a new location. This was a decision that was long in the making after the various drama that has happened in the past. Either way, we still want to thank Dev for hosting the server at the start and allowing Homepoint to continue on.

The new server hardware is also an upgrade from what it was previously hosted on.
The new server specs are:
  • Dell R710 Chassis (Rack Mountable 2U)
  • 2x Intel Xeon E5649 @2.53GHz each (24 cores total)
  • 16GB RAM (Dual-Channel ECC DDR3)
  • 1x 500GB SSD (Main Drive)
  • 2x 300GB 10k SAS Drives in RAID1 (Backup Drives)
  • 1GB FiOS Fiber Connection
The machine is setup in VMs to separate the parts of the project allowing for easier maintenance on things if one needs to go down.
Those parts being:
- Game Server (The game servers, the database server.)
- Web Server (The website, forums, wiki, and any extra stuff we want to run.)

Game Server VM
  • 8 virtual processors allocated.
  • 8GB RAM allocated.
  • 200GB SSD space allocated.
Web Server VM
  • 2 virtual processors allocated.
  • 2GB RAM allocated.
  • 150GB SSD space allocated.
There are plans for hardware upgrades in the future as things are needed, mainly RAM is the first planned upgrade if it comes to needing it but at this time it isn't.

With the move to the new server you should see a major improvement on lag and speed of certain things such as loading the Auction House and such. Results from the AH should now be [near] instant.

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