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Upcoming Updates

Post by Autkast » Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:01 pm

Hello HomepointXI!

In the spirit of transparency and keeping the players (all of you) informed, we wanted to release an update on what is currently being worked on and what is planned for the future.

Current Work
  • DSP Merge
    • There has been a lot of refactoring of how npc, mob, and text IDs are stored and handled. As a result, all of our custom content is being updated to use the new format or use more generic methods that do not rely directly on IDs.
  • Updating Cruor Prospectors
    • Currently all Cruor Prospectors are using the same script across all 9 Abyssea zones. They are being split up according to Abyssea expansion (Vision, Scars, Heroes). This means the items and key items purchased will match what the menu displays.
  • Armor Upgrade Moogles (AF, Relic, Empyrean)
    • Upgrade Moogles are being rewritten/refactored to add functionality and be more maintainable in the future. Some quality of life upgrades will come with this rewrite. When trading a piece of armor to the corresponding Moogle, he will inform you what items are required to upgrade said piece.
  • Job Abilities/Traits
    • As most of you have noticed, not all job abilities/traits function yet. Work on these is an ongoing process. Abilities and Traits are prioritized by the job's popularity on the server.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Bugs are constantly being worked on in between new content development. We also get any bugs that are fixed directly in DSP. Noteworthy or custom content specific bugs will be mentioned in patch notes. You can also keep an eye on our issue tracker for the status of reported bugs. https://github.com/HomepointXI/Issues/issues

Future Work
  • Escha - Zi'tah
    • Quests and missions to unlock access to Escha - Zi'tah are planned for a future release. This will open up a new area for leveling and endgame content. Please look forward to it.
  • Final Stage Ultimate Weapon Upgrade
    • 'nuff said.

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