Hardware upgrade maintenance 11/1/18

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Hardware upgrade maintenance 11/1/18

Post by Immortality » Wed Oct 31, 2018 5:09 am

Maintenance is: COMPLETE!!

Estimated start time is 1500 EDT and expected to finish no later than 1700 EDT.

This will be a hardware only maintenance, no client update is required at this time.

Update: Thank you all very much for your patience during the very extended hardware maintenance.

Server upgrades:
  • We are now running on a H700 raid controller, allowing full 6Gb/s speeds on our SATA SSD drives.
  • Power supplies were upgraded from a single 540w to dual 870w for redundancy.
  • iDRAC was added to the server for ease of future firmware updates and better host connectivity.
  • Various firmware updates.
  • Microsoft updates.*
*The delays were brought to us today by Microsoft and one of their updates that essentially bricked the boot drive. Drive was recovered, updates that caused the issue were fixed, no data was lost, server finally running.

Future server upgrades:
  • In the next week the server will go in to a more permanent home inside a rack.*
  • The server will be added to an UPS once a 30 Amp circut is installed.*
*These updates should require zero downtime as they can be done without powering off or disconnecting the server.

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