Maintenance 11/5/2018

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Maintenance 11/5/2018

Post by Autkast » Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:44 am

Maintenance is: COMPLETE!

Please update your clients to the latest retail update. Version:30181003_1

You will no longer be able to connect to the server if your are BEHIND the server version.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed mods for Cavaros Mantle
  • Fixed mods for Buremte Hat
  • Fixed mods for Arasy Sainti/+1
  • Fixed mods for Savas Jawshan
  • Fixed mods for Bokwus Circlet
  • Added Avatar Perp. Cost mod to Assiduity Pants +1
  • Added Quick Draw Damage % mod to Death Penalty
  • Added Additional Effect to Tyrfing
  • Added Additional Effect to Cronus
  • Removed Scroll of Reprisal from AHBot. It has been added back to the retail vendor Zafif
  • Fixed an issue wherein item use would be blocked if a previous item use was interrupted
  • Abyssea KI drop rates have been normalized according to type (NM Pop KI, Abyssite, Atma, etc)
  • Prishe (Empyreal Paradox) will now display what Abyssea bosses you have not yet defeated when attempting to upgrade Empyrean gear
  • Cruor Prospectors have all been updated to exchange cruor for the correct items, temp items, key items, etc.
    • Some base empyrean gear can now be purchased with Cruor. See retail wiki for details.
  • Goblin Butchers in Meriphataud Mountains had abnormally high HP
  • Drumskull Zogdregg has been added. Drops Aptants Secan and Geoc
    • Some of you have noticed that he’s actually been live for a couple weeks already :)
  • Fixed Perdition mob skill
  • Resheph 2 Hour was being used everytime he had 100 tp (that’s right, 100, not 1000). He now correctly uses it when he uses a TP move
  • A few weaponskill quests had incorrect text hooked up for the quest completion. This bug did not affect unlocking the weaponskill, but it was confusing.
  • Map packets for homepoint teleports have been added. This packet handles all of the new retail icons that appear on the map, but only homepoints have been hooked up
    • When looking at maps, homepoints you have unlocked will appear as solid icons. Locked homepoint icons will pulse
    • When using homepoint teleportation, the client will now automatically pull up the correct map/homepoint you have selected to teleport to.
    • Other icons will appear on maps (maws, survival guides, crags, etc). These may or may not appear unlocked, but they are not hooked up in the packet yet. Do not trust what the map says about these points in particular.
  • HELM systems have been rewritten
  • Teasure Chest/Coffer systems have been rewritten to be retail accurate. Enjoy picking locks and spawning Mimics.
Big shoutout to all of the people that contribute to Darkstar Project. A lot of bug fixes and rewrites happen because people volunteer their free time to help out.

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